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Montgomery Place embarks on a future ready planning process during this time of COVID-19

Dear friends and family,

Remember laying out on a summer day and watching big puffy clouds, discovering shapes and images in them? Daydreaming about your future? Those days may seem long ago, but daydreaming about our future still energizes us for the days ahead.

Granted, our dreams change over time, but we still need to dream. What will tomorrow hold? Will COVID-19 ever leave us? Will I be healthy? Who will call me? Or should I surprise someone with a call? Where will I go on the first trip I take when this crisis is over?

Dreaming and planning for the future keeps us going today. Don’t give up! Make your plans. Sure, they may change over time, but without plans we give up.

At Montgomery Place, we are making plans to unwind our current practice of isolation. On Thursday, we will host a Zoom meeting so residents can share ideas and concerns. Let’s collaborate with an optimistic perspective and plan for the best, not the worst. Let’s be creative and find the “shapes and images in the clouds.” Still, we will remain receptive to adapting our plans to new realities.

Half the fun of a journey is planning the trip, wondering how that adventure will transport us. The rest of the fun is experiencing the journey, living in the moment, enjoying the scenery and sharing a fresh view with those around you.

As we share this journey through COVID-19, we chronicle our experiences. Now, we are ready to open ourselves to new ways of enjoying our world as we plan for our future together.

If you want to suggest ideas for planning our future, please call my mobile phone number, 773-617-1317, at any time.

Looking forward, energizes us.

P.S. Close to 20 residents volunteered on Tuesday to be tested for COVID-19. All tests results were negative! YEAH! More people were tested today, and we will share those results too. Thank you to all who stepped up to be tested.

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