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Montgomery Place: words of encouragement during this time of COVID-19

Tonight’s note was written by my son, Matthew

Dear friends and family,

The success of humanity through time encompasses hundreds of stories, cultures and histories across the generations. Scholars spend years searching for the links and factors that have led to our exponential development of the world around us. In my opinion, success stories come down to one simple fact: We come together.

In every corner of the world, humans have congregated and developed societies in order to succeed. We come together to celebrate births, anniversaries and graduations. We come together to commune and worship with friends and family. We come together to share ideas and emotions openly. We come together in conflict to be heard and to reach an understanding of our differences. No matter the goal, every society, every family, every person comes together to achieve their goals and fulfill their needs.

In recent months, we have been told to do the exact opposite. We’ve been told to isolate to protect ourselves. Isolation has been hard. Now, we get the great pleasure and challenge of coming together to face a new aspect for ourselves, our community, our city, our society. We can come together to figure out our new way of life even as the landscape of our interactions will be changed.

You, our beloved residents, have done this before. With your wealth of knowledge and experience, you have navigated some of history’s greatest achievements. You have seen wars and recovery, civil rights reform, the exploration of space, TVs enter every home and communication advance to the speed of light.

Now it’s your turn to help guide and lead us through the gradual re-opening of our community. Together, with confidence and bravery, we can adopt a new normal, even if it means wearing masks. Let’s use our knowledge to help us overcome our fears so we can find joy in life and create a new story to add to history for future generations.

By coming together in this challenge, we will be able to physically come together again with each other, our families and all those we hold dear.

 Please call my mobile phone, 773-617-1317, at any time.

Come together, we’ve done it before.

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