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Montgomery Place reflects on how mothers shape us even during this time of COVID-19

It’s the small things. That first crocus in spring. A toddler reaching up to take your hand as he learns to navigate steps. The warmth of sunshine even as you wear a coat on an unnaturally cool spring day. Smiling eyes with a sparkle of humor above the masks we wear. A mother bunny in the yard with a nest of baby bunnies! A moment, even if virtually, sharing time to talk with loved ones on Mother’s Day!

On Sunday, we honor mothers. Their kindness and patience, perseverance and love, as they influenced our upbringing and set us on paths to adulthood. The role of mother never ends, regardless of age. So even for mothers who are now in their 80s and 90s, concern and love is still present for their children, grandchildren and all those whom they’ve influenced over time. For mothering does not need to be biological, but rather it is a dedicated commitment to nurture and care for another human being.

Mothers think of the small things. They put those little notes in your lunches to make you either smile or groan in embarrassment. They taught you to stop and look at the folds and intricacies of rose petals. Mothers taught you the value of practice, practice, practice when it came to piano lessons. You may not have appreciated the lessons at the time, but you learned. And you then taught your children these same small things.

Find the one small thing that your mother taught you. Thank her for that tomorrow, whether in person or virtually together or in prayer. But share that small thing with others so future generations can pass it along.

Today, at Montgomery Place, all the test results came back for the remaining independent living residents who chose to be tested. We are happy to say that all test results are negative. We do have some remaining test kits to offer to both staff and residents for as long as they last. On Sunday, I will be at Montgomery Place to share the joy of Mother’s Day with all the residents.

Please call me if I can assist in brightening Mother’s Day for your loved one. My mobile phone number is 773-617-1317.

Celebrating our Mother fills us with gratitude. 

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