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Dear Residents and family members,

The world continues to unwind from the impact of the pandemic year and we too are making some adjustments. Please read these and always ask questions if things are unclear.

Visitors: Effective 6/7/2021 – we will no longer conduct Rapid Tests on visitors. We do ask that you continue to:

  1. Share your vaccination status with us (vaccinated individuals can join in communal dining)
  2. Check-in on our kiosks, answering all COVID screening questions. And please wear your visitor badge.

Dining: Effective 6/7/21 – the dining room will add more tables to accommodate more individuals.

Take-out and Deliveries: Effective 6/14/21 – we will revert to our pre-pandemic position of charging a $3 per meal surcharge for take-out and $6 per meal surcharge for room delivery. Individuals who always want take-out or delivery can arrange for a monthly plan. Contact the LaShawnda 773-358-7405 to arrange monthly plans.

Temperatures: Effective 6/7/2021 – residents will no longer be required to stop at the front desk as they come/go from the building for temperature checks.

Vaccination Rates: As of today, 95% of all residents/patients have been fully vaccinated. 31.3% of all staff are fully vaccinated with another 13.3% having had their first dose. We continue to offer the vaccine each Wednesday to residents, staff, and family members. Advance signup is needed by Monday of each week.

Masks: Many news articles and distributions from the City of Chicago and Illinois Department of Public Health are indicating that vaccinated individuals no longer need to wear masks. Those rules apply to the majority of businesses, but not to healthcare facilities such as Montgomery Place. MASKS ARE STILL REQUIRED IN COMMON AREAS. Please adhere to this mask requirement as we could be cited and fined for failure to comply. Masks are not required in the following instances for those who are vaccinated: outdoors, private apartments/rooms. A good general rule of thumb, if someone else is wearing a mask, you should too out of courtesy and respect for them.

A few general information points are shared below as well.

Shared Street Program: Traffic barricades and Chicago Shared Street signs have been installed on both 56th Street and on Shore Drive. Yes, they are a hassle. But they will remain through the summer months. It was found last year that installation of these Shared Street zones in select areas of the city brought down the complaint calls by neighborhood residents. The program, endorsed by our Alderman Leslie Hairston, does work. It is not perfect, but it is more effective than not. Be cautious as you venture out during the day/night. We share our street with many, many individuals who come to access the lakefront via the access points at 57th and at 55th. The parks close at 11:00 p.m., and noise complaints are requested to be aired through the Aldermans office or through Chicago Police Department.

Guest Apartment: We now have two guest apartments available for booking. Please contact Robert at 773-358-7439 to arrange for your guests.