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One year ago today, here was the post I shared with all of you.

Today was just plain wet! For the most part, everyone stayed inside. We had a few venturesome spirits who went for walks in the rain! The next few days are forecast for much of the same.

To help residents get through these darker wet days, we are beginning to ease some of the socialization restrictions, starting on Monday. To start, we are encouraging residents to socialize in small groups of two to four people, while they comply with guidelines for social distancing and wearing of masks. We are opening the Lounge and Library to give residents a chance to visit and see spaces other than their apartments.

We also are suggesting that residents can begin inviting each other to their apartments. We are including a strong recommendation to not eat or drink during any of these social gatherings because doing so would require individuals to not wear face masks.

Much has happened in this last year with COVID-19 and the restrictions are finally being lifted by the CDC, governor and mayor. We are still waiting to hear from IDPH and CDPH on limitations for environments such as ours. We expect news later this week on guidance. Until then, please keep wearing masks in public spaces in the building. Your help and cooperation is greatly appreciated.

We are attempting to get ‘all the stars in alignment’ to offer COVID vaccines to staff as early as this week. There are many moving parts to this process and we are relying on our pharmacy partners for their help and guidance. About 20 staff members have already signed up to be vaccinated. We are gradually building the confidence with our staff to participate in this initiative.

Your continued support for our efforts is greatly appreciated.