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Dear Residents and Families,

It ain’t over till it’s over! And COVID-19 is not over!

I’ve been watching the numbers in Illinois grow these last two weeks. Chicago’s numbers are growing, again. And we have had two staff members test positive in the last week. I feel it is safe to say that the two cases among staff at Montgomery Place are not related and we are testing daily for the next few days to determine if any spread is happening. To our advantage, we have nearly all residents vaccinated. But staff are still vulnerable as they have not participated in the vaccination routines as much as the residents.

Please, don’t blame individuals for not getting vaccinated. There are so many aspects to be considered in each person’s health and life choices. Let’s show respect to their circumstances and choices and continue to encourage and support them by honoring the infection control standards we know help. Mask wearing, hand washing, etc. are all still needed as we partake in a society that does not have herd immunity. These same measures will continue to protect even vaccinated individuals from risk of disease, including the common cold and flu. Stay the course, please.

At this time, we do not need to change any protocols we have in place. Visitors are still welcome. Community dining is still open! Activities are continuing to expand. Social distancing is slightly modified, but each person is asked to respect distances around larger gatherings. We are doing more rapid testing of staff and select residents on the second floor (that is where the latest exposure risk is highest) through early next week. If we find more positive cases, then changes may need to be implemented in our protocols.

I’m hoping for the day when we can say ‘it’s over’! Don’t worry, we’ll let you know when that day comes.