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I am so sorry to have to say this, but Skilled Nursing (2nd floor) is closed to visitors…again!

We will still allow compassionate visits in certain circumstances, but only with advance approval of either Paul Zappoli or myself.

Due to the recent rise in cases in the State, County and City, rules have been changed requiring us to close to visitors due to a single positive test on a staff member. The intent is control. We do not want an outbreak (multiple cases linked together). The following measures are being put into place immediately and will stay in place until after the results of our next round of testing.

  1. Contact tracing is underway to know who had close and proximate contact with the staff member who tested positive.
    • Those individuals will be isolated, tested, and monitored for the coming days
  2. Staff are stepping up their infection protocols with face shields and other measures to protect themselves and patients.
  3. Staff are being Rapid Tested daily for 3 days
  4. Residents were PCR tested again today
  5. Residents will be PCR tested again next Tuesday
  6. Staff will be PCR tested next Wednesday
  7. Ongoing inservice and monitoring of staff is occurring constantly.

We will be closed to visitor on the 2nd floor until at least Saturday 24th. It may be longer, dependent on the results of testing this coming 5 days.

The focus of these measures is to contain and prevent. We appreciate your understanding of the situation and the measures we are obligated to take. Feel free to call me on my cell with any questions.