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It’s COLD outside! But the spirits of residents are warm as we celebrate the success of COVID-19 vaccinations.

Independent Living –

Resident having received both doses of vaccine 68%
Residents receiving 1st Dose on 2/3/21 17%
Residents declining participation in program 9%
Residents getting 1st dose in Jan, but none in Feb 6%

Vaccine UpdateThere can be many reasons for not getting the 2nd dose (being away, physician concerns, forgetfulness, etc.) but there are some protections even from a single dose. It is wonderful to see such a high participation rate from the resident body.

Residents in assisted living and skilled care had participation rates as follows:

Assisted Living 100%
Skilled – long term care 100%

Staff participation rates are still lower than desired. Current participation is at 19%. Time is needed to allow individuals to observe and learn more before there is a confidence established. There are many factors influencing individual choice. Let’s respect that choice.

Leadership is working on plans to start to bring LIFE back to Montgomery Place. We are going to need your help. We need you to venture out and participate more in community activities and meetings in person rather than on Zoom! You will soon be hearing about live meetings and live activities. Please come enjoy them! Dining options are going to shift as we gradually encourage individuals to eat in the dining room again instead of room delivery. Birthday lunches are coming back!

Watch the announcements and join us!

NOTE: for those who received their first vaccine on 2/3/2021, your second dose is scheduled for 3/3/2021. Watch for more news as we get closer!