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Dear residents, family and friends

Our hopes of being able to welcome back visitors to the 2nd floor (Skilled Nursing) are on a week-by-week basis, and as of today no visitors to the 2nd floor is extended until at least May 8th. We have to be able to have two weeks of negative testing for all staff and all residents. Not only the test date, but the results. This week, was week one. No residents tested positive and no staff who work the 2nd floor tested positive. Now…we wait until the results from next week come back next Friday to determine if we can reopen to visitors. Compassionate visits are still allowed (by advance permission of either Paul or myself), and individuals who vaccinated can have a bit more freedom on the floor.

Today, we received this weeks test results for staff, showing two individuals have tested positive. Contact tracing and notifications are happening as I write this. If you do not get a personalized communication, then you didn’t have close and proximate contact risk.

These two cases cause us to ‘hit pause’ on changing protocols regarding Rapid Testing of individuals as the front door. We are not lifting Rapid Test requirements for visitors at this time. Everyone will still be asked to test. No other restriction changes are expected. We will continue with current protocols.

This coming week, we are going to be promoting vaccination among the staff. We now can secure vaccine directly from our partner pharmacy and administer the vaccine in-house. We are hopeful that more staff will participate in this program. We are also going to promote staff to seek vaccinations at any clinics in the city. There are now enough clinics that walk-in appointments are available nearly everywhere.

If you, as a resident have chosen to not be vaccinated in the early clinics provided, we ask that you reconsider. COVID-19 is still out there. Improve your chances of avoiding the virus and/or mitigating the impact should you contract it. If you want to be vaccinated, please let us know. You will be able to secure the vaccine here at Montgomery Place without having to leave the building.