Call the marketing office at 773-753-4582

To the families of our skilled nursing residents,

It is wonderful news we can share that visitors are welcome this weekend to celebrate Mothers’ Day for all!

We have successfully gone two testing cycles with no new COVID-19 cases among staff serving our skilled nursing unit. This allows us to welcome you!. If you have not already received a call from Paulette, please reach out to her 773-753-4566 to schedule your visit this weekend. The following protocols will still apply:

  • All visitors are asked to take a Rapid COVID test – there is no fee, however we do request tax-deductible donations to help offset the costs of this monitoring service.
  • Visits should be limited in time to approximately 30 minutes
  • Visits can only be in patient rooms if there is no room-mate, otherwise visits will have to be in common room areas
  • Please clear with the nurse prior to bringing in food for your loved one (we have to watch food/dietary restrictions)
  • Visitors cannot eat with residents
  • Masks are to be worn at all times by all parties

May your Mother’s day be filled with Love!