Call the marketing office at 773-753-4582

There are no appointments needed.  There is no longer a need to pre-arrange your visits.

For All Vaccinated Visitors

  1. Bring your vaccination card each time you visit.
  2. You may visit for as long as you wish, in apartments/rooms/outdoors etc.
  3. You may dine together, even in our dining rooms
  4. You can touch, hug and share love.
  5. You are asked to wear masks and social distance as a precaution

For Unvaccinated Visitors

  1. Visits will be limited to outside or common areas only.
    • First floor Game Room for visits with individuals who live in Independent Living
    • 2nd Floor Dining room – a separate area will be designated
    • 3rd Floor Common – a separate area will be designated
  2. Visits will be limited to 30 minutes (1 hour if outside)
  3. You may not visit in apartments/rooms of the resident/patient
  4. You may not dine together
  5. No touching, hugging or sharing of personal contact
  6. Masks MUST be worn at all times and social distancing is expected
  7. Please avoid extended conversations with groups of people

NOTE: Unvaccinated residents/patients must follow the rules for unvaccinated visitors.