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Montgomery Place reflects on the unique challenges during this time of COVID-19 

Dear Friends and Family,

Vacations in 2020 are unique. We have to watch where we go so as not to create an added quarantine on our return home. We cannot enjoy typical vacation activities as many museums are closed. But we can spend time with family enjoying activities at home.

Last week, I spent time with my son and his family. We played challenging games of Uno, Chutes and Ladders, Sorry! and Scrabble. As we were teaching an 8-year-old how to play Scrabble, my son explained that the challenge is not about winning as much as blocking. He shared and explained how to look for ways to prevent Grandma from getting double and triple word scores. Yes, he won by placing “Quit” on a triple letter score!

As I tried to keep up on the latest COVID-19 news last week, I certainly felt like all we are doing is attempting to block COVID-19 from getting too many points in this unprecedented time to abate the virus. And it is tough, especially when the rules of the game seem to change constantly. It is tempting to say, “I quit.” But we all know that such a position is an impossibility.

Rules are changing. Several updates were published late last week, mainly impacting skilled nursing care. As I work through these new rules, I’ll share with all of you how they will have any impact to your lives. Let’s stay vigilant and keep focused on blocking COVID-19 so it doesn’t win this game.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you. Please share your suggestions and questions by calling my mobile phone number, 773-617-1317, at any time.

Unprecedented times require flexible responses.