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Montgomery Place blends hope and humor during this time of COVID-19 

I’m watching the gradual breaking of day this morning. The sky shifts from dark to gray to a soft almost white/blue. The shadows start to gain dimension as buildings and trees take shape in the light. Streetlights blink off. The first rays of sun pop up with a soft glow. Peaceful. Hopeful.  

We need the hopeful. This year is a challenge in so many ways. One of the best memes I’ve seen is the desire is to “go back and let my mother slap me into next year!” This and other cartoons are trying to help us find humor in the turmoil.   

A friend of mine in Florida, who is so totally bored with working from home, is letting her humorous side come to light via TikTok by creating silly video clips about the ordinary elements of daily life in 2020. She has discovered a new venture. 

Her clips have been picked up and she is now being paid for them!   

This example and many others are hopeful signs of emerging from 2020.  

We need to see how resilient people can be. We also need to see the humor in the chaos. Today, let’s find a reason to smile!  

I welcome your suggestions and questions as well as any postings you’ve seen that inspire you to keep forging ahead. Call my mobile phone number, 773-617-1317, at any time. 

Smiling opens us to being hopeful.