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Montgomery Place remains vigilant and cautious during this time of COVID-19

Dear Friends and Family,

As we listen to the news about how COVID-19 cases are increasing in certain states, it feels like we are awaiting the onslaught of an approaching hurricane. Having lived in Florida for quite a few years, I know the preparation that goes into securing property and the anxiety and anticipation waiting for Mother Nature to decide if the storm will turn away to the right or left or will plow straight into your home, place of business and, in fact, your life.

During my years in Florida, I was fortunate to never experience or deal with a direct hit, only the unending rains and winds of the backside of several hurricanes. I remember one hurricane that skirted the coast, just missing us. It then made landfall in northern Florida, turned around and came back.

COVID-19 is a storm just like the one which made a U-turn. During this March and April, we experienced a small portion of the nationwide impact of the global pandemic. Then, COVID-19 moved on, taking hold now of many other parts of the country. But I fear it is headed back and is aimed directly at us.

We have completed all the necessary stages of preparation. We are now in the anxious anticipation stage regarding this returning storm. Every other senior living center in our area shares our anxiety.

Along with guidance from the Illinois and Chicago Departments of Public Health, we are being extra cautious about reopening plans, especially for our skilled nursing care and assisted living communities. Both IDPH and CDPH continue to restrict visitors to residents who live in these areas because they fear the risk is too high now that the number of cases is increasing in the State and City.

At Montgomery Place, we are maintaining our restrictions of visitors to skilled nursing care and assisted living. I know this necessary decision is painful to you and to your family. I see the effects of this isolation on the patients and residents. It is a very tough decision to make, and we only can hope this decision ultimately proves to be the right one because these efforts help abate the spread of the virus.

We are continuing with all plans for independent living residents. No changes are planned at this time to restrict movements or activities. I realize this creates even more angst with families of skilled nursing care and assisted living residents as they see other residents benefitting from freedoms they cannot enjoy. I’m with you in your concerns. And we will continue to provide as much technology interface as possible.

Please contact me if you have any suggestions, requests or questions. Call my mobile phone number, 773-617-1317, at any time.

Making tough choices helps protect our residents.