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Montgomery Place residents enjoy more time together 

Dear Friends and Family,

In a conversation today, a frequent visitor to Montgomery Place shared two observations. There seems to be a vibrancy of life emerging. And the new furniture in the common areas on the main floor is great!

Yes, we have added some new pieces in the lobby and lounge during the last two days. Come see! Sit a while. Visit with friends. The gardens are still beautiful, albeit a bit cooler these days. The freshness of the air hints at what is to come. Residents are enjoying these last days of green as the fall colors begin to set in.

The pace of life at Montgomery Place is picking up. More and more people are spending time in the front lobby, lounge, library and café. It is wonderful to see  smiling eyes above the masks. Unfortunately, I still see a few too many noses above those masks too. It is tough to keep those masks in place, especially during a conversation. Will you please keep up the good work of wearing your masks and help remind each other as well? I found a video by Bill Nye, The Science Guy, that you might find interesting about how well masks work. Masks are our #1 defense against COVID-19.

Other good things happening here:

  • All our residents and staff members remain free of COVID-19
  • Visitors are loving the chance to see family members again
  • We have added bus trips to several grocery stores during non-senior hours
  • The weekly theme menus are a hit! This week, it’s Australian cuisine.

Beginning Thursday, October 1, we no longer will go door-to-door to check temperatures and pulse oximetry readings for independent living residents. We still provide this service between 9:00am and 4:30pm to residents who visit the Cornell Neighborhood/Life Care at Home offices on the 5th floor. Although monitoring no longer is required, we want to provide this service for people who find added comfort with this monitoring.

As in any large congregate living building, unwanted visitors (bugs) have to be controlled. In recent weeks, we have had an increase in reports related to unwanted guests. We are taking measures! All apartments have had pest control service and we are working with residents to increase the frequency of food waste and garbage removal. While our efforts are working, we cannot let down our guard on this issue any more than we can for COVID-19. Please work with us to keep our place clean and free of pests!

The heat is now on. Our boilers are up and running to help keep us warm as the nights get cooler. Regulating heat in a building our size is a challenge, so please let us know if you are uncomfortable, being either too hot or too cold. We are happy to make adjustments through our automated building system.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend to come. Always remember to send any questions to me. Call my mobile phone number, 773-617-1317, at any time.

Our changes breathe new life.

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