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Montgomery Place vigilant about threat of COVID-19

Dear Friends and Family,

This last weekend I enjoyed a treat of Wisconsin Cheese Curds. I love them! A tidbit of flavor in various shapes and sizes. It made me think of the many tidbits of information that I need to share with all of you.

COVID-19 NEWS: Uh-oh! We’ve been seeing it on TV and reading it in newspapers.  A resurgence in COVID-19 cases is happening around us. So far, we are not seeing any cases at Montgomery Place, but this threat is creeping closer.

The positivity rates in the two zip codes (60637 and 60615) closest to us are now at 6 percent and 6.4 percent. The City of Chicago is now at 6.2 percent. Vigilance is now more important than ever. We are monitoring the positivity rate daily.

We know our biggest risk is welcoming visitors into our building, so we are evaluating strategies to meet residents’ desire to spend time with family and friends while keeping everyone safe. Be prepared to adjust with us if we have to make changes to our visitor policy.

Yes, we have risk with our staff as well. Our staff get tested once each week and that testing rate will increase to twice per week if the positivity rate in the City escalates to 10 percent. Monday, August 31, was the most recent date when a Montgomery Place staff member tested positive for the virus.

VISITORS: I’m hearing of challenges in making reservations to visit residents. We are working to improve our process. Watch for news on this front in the coming days.

FLU SHOTS: Serum was delivered and inoculations have begun. All staff members are getting flu shots. We also offer them to residents who request them. The dose is the high dose and is free to the individuals who get the vaccine. We encourage EVERYONE to get a flu shot this year.

HOT-COLD-HOT: It is that wonderful time of year when trying to regulate the temperature in the building is a nightmare. We do the best to make it comfortable for everyone on those sunny days when Mother Nature basks the Southside of our building. As you can imagine, overcast days lessen our challenge. We are in the process of developing a solution to managing the temperature and will announce when it is available.

COATS: Please remember to take a coat with you each time you venture outside, even if you don’t think you will need it. The winds from the Lake can chill you quickly when you least expect it.

PHONE CALLS: I discovered something new last week. If you place a call to a resident at Montgomery Place who is on the phone, the caller doesn’t hear a busy signal, only silence. Our current phone system does not allow a caller to leave a message or to be re-routed to the front desk.

Have you experienced this situation when you call someone at Montgomery Place?

If so, I encourage you to call our front desk at 773-753-4100. In the interim, the receptionist can verify if the person is on the phone. And we are looking into a solution to improve telephone service.

HOLIDAYS: That time of year when we all want to get together with family and friends is on the horizon. This year, COVID-19 is the primary factor in making any and all plans. Please practice all the precautions and understand that rules may and are likely to change in the coming weeks as caseloads of the virus surge. Let’s get creative and find ways to celebrate in small groups, safely.

REFERRALS: It is said the best compliment is a referral. You have first-hand experience in how we have handled COVID-19 so far. You can attest to the safety and communication protocols we have instituted and incorporated into daily life at Montgomery Place. We will be forever grateful for your referral to friends who might like to call Montgomery Place home.

Those are today’s tidbits. Now that I’ve made you think about it, get some cheese curds and enjoy your day.

Please remember I’m always available to answer your questions, to hear your suggestions and to provide assistance with requests. Just call my mobile phone number, 773-617-1317, at any time.

Being vigilant improves our daily life.

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