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Dear Residents and Families,

I realize I haven’t been staying in touch during September as much as I have in previous months. We are finding a “new normal” and daily happenings here are less and less related to COVID-19. Now that you are getting the chance to visit more with loved ones who live at Montgomery Place, you too will likely see less need for updates. I plan to continue my communication with you, but have decided to take a different approach. 

This and future notes will share more information about our efforts to recover from the impact of COVID-19 during the last six months. Many of you who did not see parents and loved ones during the early isolation months were probably shocked to see the changes that occurred in people physically and mentally. The staff saw it too. More importantly, we are seeing our resilient residents’ revival as they now get involved in community life again. I hope to build on this recovery! 

Welcome to new residents and families!

During the last few months, we have been blessed that several new residents have joined us at Montgomery Place. We welcome all and hope that your experiences are all that you anticipated! As I have shared with others these last months, please always feel free to reach out to me via email with any questions or concerns. Pass along compliments as well for me to share with the staff! 

Its Fall!

Please, get out for a walk on these absolutely gorgeous days! Families, as you come to visit, please take a stroll with your loved ones if they are able. Enjoy the fresh air and changing colors of the leaves. 

Changes starting October 1

Effective Thursday, October 1, 2020, we will discontinue door-to-door visits for residents’ temperature and pulse oximetry tests. We still will offer them to independent living residents who visit the nurses’ office in the Cornell neighborhood beginning on October 1. We are sending daily reminders about these changes starting today and through October 1. 

Also on October 1, we will discontinue the daily live newscast on Channel 4. This communication was invaluable when residents were isolated during the height of  COVID-19. As our viewership has decreased, we are finding the majority of our news is about the daily activities. This information already is distributed in other ways so we think this daily newscast is not necessary. 

Flu vaccines

Not yet! But soon! We have ordered serum from our commercial pharmacy. We are pleased so many residents have this important precaution top-of-mind. As soon as we have a date for immunizations, we will inform all residents. 

Following the CDC guidance, Montgomery Place’s timeline is probably in our best interest.

 Meetings and gatherings

Groups of residents are beginning to gather for inside activities. We encourage more  get-togethers during the fall months as spending more time outside becomes less inviting. Group sizes can vary, depending on the length of the event. Wearing a mask is required. Join in! Get involved! 

Questions and suggestions

Don’t hesitate to reach out if I can answer any questions or be of further assistance. Call my mobile phone number, 773-617-1317, at any time. 

Spending time together, enlivens our spirits.