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Support indeed begins at home

Our board of directors established and controls the Care Assurance Fund to support residents whose financial resources are diminished.

As residents live longer, we expect our aging population to grow annually by 10 percent. Montgomery Place estimates that the cost of providing financial assistance for some residents who outline their means will increase to $200,000 annually before 2022.

Initially, residents’ bequests made it possible for the Fund to ensure that the needier members of our community could remain at Montgomery Place. Residents’ generosity still plays an important role. Some residents and families make donations as a way to celebrate special occasions or as memorial tributes, while others designate donating a portion of their entrance fee in their estate plan. We also are grateful for one-time, monthly and annual contributions from residents, board members, staff and vendors.

The Fund helps define our character as a charitable organization, recognized by our federally granted not-for-profit status as a 501(c)(3) organization — a designation that also exempts Montgomery Place from paying property and sales taxes, resulting in coincident savings for residents.

A legacy of caring

With this Fund, we keep alive the spirit of our predecessor, a 19th-century Episcopal pastor named Rev. Walter Delafield. Responding to the needs of his parishioners, he secured a residence where three elders could maintain their dignity while aging in place. That commitment became known as The Church Home, which soon expanded to other Hyde Park locations.


Our values inspire us to assist residents who outlive their means


In the 1980s, The Church Home decided to establish Montgomery Place, which opened its doors in 1991. With the Care Assurance Fund, we now carry forward the mission and values of our first residential community began in 1888.

Our directors and executive team are committed to safeguarding the financial integrity of Montgomery Place as they manage our community’s bottom line with a heart.