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Lifestyle: the ability to arrange the way you live in the style that suits you. At Montgomery Place, a panoply of services and amenities make it easy to do just that.

But the most important resource is the community of neighbors and friends that define our culture. It’s a diverse tapestry of individuals from down the street and across the oceans, of many backgrounds and ethnicities, and each weaving a story well worth the telling. Their interests inform each week’s activities — reading plays or current events, gardening or musical recitals, the practice of other languages or the discipline of Tai Chi — because our residents themselves organize these events.

Adding your own thread to this tapestry makes us all that much richer.

D. Maria Neighbors was a civil-rights investigator before becoming the third African-American woman to enter the Episcopal ministry in the Chicago diocese
After a career teaching higher mathematics in Boston, Bernice Auslander founded a lecture series to continue the work of her mathematician husband.

Gretchen and Walter Falk met at UC Berkeley, where she studied library science and he studied history. In retirement they have traveled extensively.

After receiving his Ph.D, Astrid Mack became the only non-medical doctor working at one of the nation’s first sickle-cell disease research facilities.
Geneticist and Fulbright scholar Bernie Strauss chaired the University of Chicago’s microbiology department in the 1970s and 80s.

Shantha Monippallil holds medical degrees from her native India and the U.S., her adopted homeland. She served in the Veterans Administration.