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Care Assurance Fund | Ways to Give

At Montgomery Place in Chicago, our goal is to provide residents with a safe, comfortable place to call home while offering a wide variety of services and amenities to enrich their life. Tragically, there are occasions when residents either outlive their savings or experience unanticipated reversals of fortune due to a costly health crisis or fraud targeting the elderly. Our commitment is to avoid displacement of vulnerable residents when they need us most, so we rely heavily upon charitable giving in order to bridge the financial gap.

How Donations Help Our Community

Not only do we provide residents with comfortable apartments designed to meet the needs of aging individuals, but we also offer various services to make daily living easier for the people who live with us. These services are offered at no additional charge and include cleaning, cooking, and laundry. We also provide numerous activities for enrichment. Because we don’t charge residents for classes and activities, we could use financial assistance to continue providing such high levels of enrichment so they can thrive. Every donation you make to our Care Assurance Fund helps us provide a higher standard of care for the residents of our community.

Ways to Give to Montgomery Place

Montgomery Place relies on the generosity of people in the community to fund exceptional care for vulnerable seniors. Whether you prefer to donate planned gifts or money, there are many ways you can give to our community. Choose from any of the options listed below.

  • Good Shop: Did you know that you can support our community just by shopping online?, a search engine powered by Yahoo, allows you to choose a designated support and donates a penny per search to your chosen organization. If you use the search engine often, the results add up quickly with minimal effort from you. Likewise, if you shop on Amazon, you can go to, select Montgomery Place, and a percentage of all purchases are donated to Montgomery Place in your name.
  • Planned giving: Many people are able to give substantially after their deaths. If you want to make a large donation to Montgomery Place, you can choose to designate a portion of your life insurance policy, will, or trust to donate to us. If you have no survivors to disperse your assets after your death, you may want to donate all of the money you have to our organization. If you are still concerned with caring for the family members you leave behind, choose to donate only a percentage of your assets. Significant donations are a great way to build a family legacy that will last for generations to come.
  • Online donations: Donate any amount you wish online. You can make a single donation or choose to give to Montgomery Place weekly, monthly, or annually.
  • Mail-in donations: This option works similarly to donating online. You choose your donation amount and frequency and send the money via the United States Post Office. If you want to give but aren’t sure how much you can afford to donate each month, try eliminating one unessential expense each week and see how the savings add up. For example, try saving five dollars each week by reducing the number of coffees you purchase. This adds up to a monthly donation of $20 or a yearly gift of $260. It can make a significant impact on the quality of care we can offer.
  • Insurance policies: If you don’t need your life insurance money or don’t have anyone who can benefit from it, you can fill out a beneficiary designation form. This allows the entire sum of the policy to be donated to your organization of choice.
  • Retirement plans: You can choose to transfer the remainder of your retirement plan to Montgomery Place after you pass away. Because you earned the money and set it aside in your retirement plan, you are able to disperse anything left over in any way you wish.
  • Refundable Entrance Fee (REF): Residents who opted to secure their Independent Living apartment via a 50% or 90% refundable entrance fee can gift a portion of, or the remaining balance of their REF to the Care Assurance Fund.
  • Your will: List Montgomery Place as a beneficiary of your will to take part in planned giving. If you don’t want to donate money to our organization, consider designating a specific asset such as stock or property to our retirement community.

Montgomery Place is an inclusive retirement community dedicated to keeping residents active, engaged, and healthy. Because we provide extensive care and services to make lives easier, we rely on generous donations from people in the community to ensure the highest standard of care for the most vulnerable among us, when they need it the most. If you are interested in supporting Montgomery Place in any way, contact us today to discuss your giving options.