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Top Amenities at Our Retirement Community

Top Amenities Active Older Adults Want

Montgomery Place Senior Living Amenities

Many people think retirement communities are dull places full of seniors playing shuffleboard and bingo. Images such as these make it difficult to envision yourself living in a retirement community, but modern, forward-thinking communities, like Montgomery Place, know the interests of today’s seniors and soon-to-be seniors are much more diverse and refined. As such, the best communities offer numerous activities, apartment amenities, and services to help seniors live life to the fullest.

Unlike nursing homes, which provide complete care for patients who are unable to function independently due to illness or disability, retirement communities are designed to enrich the lives of residents while allowing them to live completely independently for as long as possible. Because of the convenience, cost comparison and social stimulation independent living offers, retirement communities have started to appeal to younger retirees who prefer more active lifestyles and home amenities.

As more people are starting their retirement earlier, or easing into it by working less so that they can enjoy more time away from the office, there is a growing demand among the 55+ crowd for retirement communities that offer amenities to encourage active, engaged lifestyles. Not only do younger retirees want to be free from the responsibilities of cleaning, cooking, and maintaining their homes, they want to connect with other people in the same stage of life while enjoying diverse and entertaining activities. Retirement communities such as Montgomery Place offer various amenities that not only meet, but also exceed these expectations.

Desirable Indoor Amenities

For people who want to stay active indoors, many senior living communities offer exercise classes and gym memberships to keep residents in good shape. Other people prefer to take part in social activities that allow them to learn new hobbies. Cooking classes and wine tastings may be great amenities for that reason. Montgomery Place is famous for its “Friday Night Speakers” lecture series, featuring some of the most brilliant academic minds from the University of Chicago and the Museum of Science and Industry. The Montgomery Place Concert Series is also very popular with residents and the broader community.

The point of indoor amenities is to keep residents engaged with each other. Learning new skills and hobbies is a great way to help you connect with other people. These indoor activities are also useful during inclement weather or during these unprecedented times of the COVID pandemic, when you can’t spend a lot of time outdoors in larger groups. Our industry-recognized infectious disease protocols help keep residents active, engaged, and safe.

Experience tells us that one of the most important amenities in any retirement community setting is gourmet-dining services. Our award-winning chef is always developing new globally influenced delicacies as well as traditional favorites. Enjoy these feasts with friends, or in the comfort of your own home with delivery.

Enticing Outdoor Amenities

At Montgomery Place, nature is literally right at your doorstep! Some of the more popular amenities include:

  • Walking paths: Enjoy a daily stroll through downtown Hyde Park’s vibrant shopping district, or along Chicago’s stunning lakefront to get some fresh air. Tackle a more strenuous hiking trail to get in a good workout.
  • Golf: Enjoy a round of golf at historic Jackson Park Golf Course, with its unparalleled view of Lake Michigan.
  • Gardening: Develop a green thumb by working with plants inside lush greenhouses or outside in beautiful gardens.
  • Swimming: Take a lap or enjoy a fitness class in our refreshing, heated pool to revitalize tired muscles and enjoy some low-impact exercise.
  • Exercising: Join an outdoor aerobics class to get in your cardio while interacting with other people.

Why You Should Choose Montgomery Place

Montgomery Place is an inclusive retirement community in Chicago, Illinois. We recognize that many seniors desire to live in a community with numerous amenities, so we offer many exciting activities to cater to active retirees. We’re located on South Shore Drive just across the street from The Museum of Science and Industry, steps from scenic Lake Michigan, and a short nine-minute drive into the downtown shopping, dining and theatre district so you have easy access to all that this world class city has to offer.

Retirement communities are no longer just for older individuals who need help with daily activities or want to avoid the burden of maintaining a home themselves. An independent living establishment such as Montgomery Place is designed to help you live your best life. Contact us today to learn more about what we have to offer and how we can enrich your life after retirement.