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12/1 – 12/5 Hanukkah Candle Lighting
12/2/2021 Film Committee
12/3/2021 Podiatrist Dr. Davis (appts. 4566)
12/4/2021 Met Live in HD, Eurydice (p.3)
12/7/2021 Activities Committee
12/8/2021 Museum of Science & Industry
12/9/2021 Friday Night Speakers Committee
12/10/2021 Drawing and Painting Class
12/11/2021 Weekend Movie
12/12/2021 Chapel Service
12/13/2021 Book Lover’s Group
12/14/2021 Sit and Be Fit
12/15/2021 Health Pro Balance Class
12/16/2021 Water Aerobic with Kelly
12/17/2021 Wellness Clinic
12/18/2021 Synagogue Transportation
12/19/2021 Weekend Movie Encore
12/21/2021 Wine and Cheese
12/22/2021 Hyde Park Errands
12/23/2021 Mariano’s Shopping
12/25/2021 Christmas Buffet
12/27/2021 Poetry Group
12/28/2021 Meditation (Laurieann Chutis)
12/29/2021 New Way to Move
12/31/2021 New Year’s Eve Party

This Month’s Montgomery Messenger

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