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Short-Term Rehab Center For Recovery


Your independence is our goal so you can return home as quickly – and safely – as possible. Our team of physical, occupational and speech therapists will help you overcome challenges resulting from a medical incident or surgery.

We teach you how to regain your strength and balance and to use adaptive aids. If appropriate, we work with you to improve your speech clarity and exercise key muscles to do so. We also equip you with a daily regime and tips to maintain all the progress you make with our team of therapists at Montgomery Place in Chicago.

Most rehab services are covered by Medicare or insurance. We provide convenient complimentary parking. We also can arrange transportation to help you take full advantage of your therapy regime.

How to Choose Your Loved One’s Short-Term Rehab Needs After Surgery

After your loved one has surgery and goes through rehab, the doctor will most probably suggest you take them to a rehab facility to speed up their recovery. Getting proper treatment can be difficult if you don’t know which type of rehab centers offer quality care.

Here are some things to consider before choosing a rehab center for your loved one:

• Does the facility specialize in providing post-surgery care?
• Is the staff qualified to handle patients with special needs?
• Do they have experience treating seniors?

If you are looking for a place to stay after your loved one undergoes surgery, then Montgomery Place is a great option. We offer a variety of options, including assisted, independent, and skilled nursing facilities. Our skilled nursing service offers 24-hour medical attention and includes everything needed to ensure that each resident receives the support they need to achieve optimal health and wellness.

Senior Rehabilitation at Assisted Living Communities

If your loved one is in a relatively stable state, you can opt to conduct their rehabilitation in our assisted living community. Our assisted living communities have certified therapists, medical professionals, and high-tech equipment to provide the necessary therapy for your recovering loved one.

These facilities offer the perfect combination of supervision with independence. They not only create comfortable homes for older adults, but they also allow them to stay connected to family members who may live nearby. Residents enjoy peace of mind knowing they can call on professional caregivers whenever they require extra help. And because they live among others who are facing similar challenges, seniors feel connected and involved in their communities.

Explore Montgomery Place’s Excellent Short-Term Rehab Options

Montgomery Place prioritizes your loved one’s quick and safe recovery after surgery. Our qualified therapists are dedicated to ensuring you regain strength and balance through proven methods.

We provide short-term rehabilitation and recovery services for patients across Hyde Park. We offer specialized treatment programs designed to maximize patient outcomes and improve the quality of life.

Contact us for short-term rehab and post-acute hospital services at Montgomery Place in Hyde Park, Chicago. Or call us at 773-232-3617 for any additional questions.