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Skilled Nursing Care for Seniors in Chicago

The health challenges of aging, including cognitive impairments, may require 24-hour skilled nursing care and support.

As senior adults age, they develop health challenges and cognitive impairments requiring round-the-clock skilled nursing care. Montgomery Place offers the most comprehensive professional nursing care services in Chicago for you, or your aging loved one.

Montgomery Place in Chicago provides the highest level of support and compassion. Board-certified physicians and geriatricians collaborate with our staff, your family and—most importantly—you.

We tailor plans—from social services and recreational therapy to menus planned by a registered dietitian.

This article elaborates on the various skilled nursing care services available at our senior living community in Chicago.

Independent Living With Skilled Nursing Care Available

Our independent living community offers seniors complete control of their lifestyle. Take control of your lifestyle and set your daily schedule by choosing various social and recreational activities.

At Montgomery, we understand that even those seniors who desire independent living may need some healthcare attention from time to time. Our skilled nursing care program is housed within the same compound in case any independent living resident is in need.

Montgomery independent living gives you autonomy and convenience with readily available skilled nursing care, should you require it.

Assisted Living With Skilled Nursing Care Available

We offer assisted living services for those seniors who desire a mix of limited healthcare assistance with as much independence as they can handle.

The Montgomery Place assisted living community is perfect for seniors as they get to choose the degree of assistance they need with the option of adjusting the level of care to suit their changing needs.

Maintain the level of independence you desire while under the safety net of our round-the-clock skilled nursing care services whenever you require them. Enjoy the flexibility of Montgomery Place assisted living with readily available professional nursing care.

Skilled Nursing Care Services Include

These services include medical treatment and monitoring and are provided by registered nurses and physicians. Skilled nursing care services are perfect for you, or your aging loved one if they need consistent assistance to manage, treat, or observe a medical condition.

Seniors who have experienced a significant health condition like a heart attack, stroke, or surgery may need skilled nursing care services. Such services ensure residents have 24/7 healthcare support in a community within which they can interact with other peers.

You can expect the following services in a skilled nursing care community:

  • Mobility assistance
  • Post-hospitalization rehabilitation
  • Physical, speech, and occupational therapy
  • Custodial care assistance for daily living activities like bathing and dressing
  • A friendly homelike environment where you can maintain as much independence as your condition allows
  • Cooked meals
  • Home care services such as laundry and timely cleaning of the living area
  • Social recreational and cultural activities that prevent loneliness and enhance your lifestyle
  • Monthly healthcare checks with a dentist, audiologist, and any other medical professional you require
  • Transportation to scheduled medical and recreational facilities
  • 24-hour security
  • Entertainment
  • Library services
  • Assistance with activities of daily living

What Should I Look For in a Skilled Nursing Community?

You should choose a high-quality skilled nursing community for you or your loved one. To identify a competent, professional nursing community, you must assess some critical aspects of their services.

Here are the things you should ook for in a skilled nursing community.

  • The Level of Care Provided. Settle only for an option that meets you or your loved one’s needs.
  • The Cost of Services. Choose the community that provides value for your money. Ensure that there are no hidden costs. Find out if you are comfortable with the payment methods and whether you can use Medicaid or Medicare.
  • Meals. Find out the frequency and quality of meals and whether the community can accommodate specific diet requests.
  • Housekeeping Services. Find out the frequency and quality of housekeeping and laundry services.

Contact Montgomery Place in Hyde Park for Skilled Nursing Care Needs

Montgomery Place offers the most comprehensive skilled nursing care in Chicago. Choose from a wide range of senior living options, from exclusive professional nursing services to independent or assisted living with available skilled nursing care.

Get in touch with Montgomery Place to receive the best, qualified nursing care services in Hyde Park, Chicago.