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More expressions of gratitude!

I just can’t thank you and your staff enough for all of the hard work you have all done and continue to do to keep the residents and staff at Montgomery Place healthy….  It amazes me how well all of you have kept COVID-19 at bay in MP. 

You and your staff have shown such dedication, perseverance, compassion, diligence  (the list goes on and on) in keeping the residents safe.  This means the world to me and my family. 

Your leadership in this horrific crisis has been extraordinary.  You have given me courage to persevere. 

And, to the great staff we have here, I am so grateful that we have all of you caring for us… I look forward to the day…when we have an opportunity to show in person and collectively the gratitude we feel and the connectedness that I believe exists because we are living through this together.

Be well, stay safe and “keep on keepin’ on”.

I just wanted to thank you and all your wonderful team at Montgomery Place for your kindness, good sense, and great help.

As you know, MY MOTHER has had her own challenges during the lock-down, and the staff have been so supportive and helpful to her. ONE STAFF MEMBER, in particular, helped us through the challenges of Mom’s recent re-admission to the hospital. We have known, throughout this time, that we could rely on everyone at MGP to help OUR mother and be there if she needed anything. This is so important to us, especially right now, when we cannot be there to help her ourselves. Please pass on our great gratitude for the courage, commitment and kindness that you have all shown.”

Best wishes, KATHIE S

I just want to let you know how much I appreciated this message with COVID results.  It was just what I needed to send to my surgeon.  I also want you to know that my family and I really appreciate your leadership style through these difficult times.  Your messages are so inspiring and also down to earth.  We appreciate that you don’t gloss over the facts but also inspire hope. This is just how Churchill got Britain through WW2.  You once told me that residents needed a combative relationship with management.  Your leadership has changed this dynamic.  I am very grateful and proud of how you and the MP Team are handling this life.  You should know this and be very proud.


On what I hope is the tail end of the COVID emergency, I could not possibly be more impressed with the way Montgomery Place protected their residents and staff. Every step was taken to maintain safety, but humanity and social needs were never forgotten. From administration moving into the building full time to the staff who delivered mail, meals, and kindness, everything has been exemplary. And communication to families is exceptional!

When there’s no crisis, they’re also excellent. This is a true community where residents are actively engaged in everything from programming to staffing, services are excellent, and the environment warm and personal. Montgomery Place has my full confidence and my highest recommendation.

You and your staff are serving the Montgomery Community in such wise and thoughtful ways. As family located at such a distance, we are so appreciative for all you are doing to assure that my parents are cared for and feeling safe.  You all are doing so much to brighten their days with your daily touches of events, food and communication.