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Senior Living Apartment Costs in Chicago, IL

We are committed to collaborating with you so you can select the floor plan and financial arrangement that best complement your lifestyle.

This overview of Montgomery Place’s great variety of apartments provides a helpful way to compare and decide what’s right for you. Then, your community life counselor will provide pricing, square footage and any other information about specific apartments for your consideration.

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Security Deposits and Fees

Simple Security Deposit

For residents who prefer the flexibility of leasing, several apartment styles are available. You’ll benefit from all the services and amenities offered at Montgomery Place in Chicago. This plan does not offer discounts on future care.

Floor plans Range of monthly fees
One bedroom with one bath $3,992 – $4,719
Two bedrooms with two baths $4,963 – $5,842
Three Bedroom Not typically rented

For a second person, add $876 to the monthly fee

This plan only requires a security deposit.

Refundable Entrance Fee Plans

With either entrance fee plan, you benefit from reduced monthly fees and lower rates for future care. If you permanently move to another level of care within Montgomery Place, you’ll receive a discount on your monthly rate for that level of care.

With our refundable entrance fee plans, you—or your estate or beneficiaries—receive a designated percentage of your entrance fee when you leave Montgomery Place and your apartment is reoccupied.

90% refundable entrance fee

Floor plans Range of entrance fees Range of monthly fees(1)(2)
One bedroom with one bath $255,570 – $295,680 $2,983 – $3,452
Two bedrooms with two baths(3) $322,620 – $406,120 $4,163 – $4,742
Three bedrooms with two baths(4) $454,650 – $475,335 $5,562 – $5,814

(l) Each resident receiving monthly services, provided by Montgomery Place, pays a monthly service fee.

(2) An additional resident fee of $743 applies to a spouse, and when there is another individual residing in the unit for 24-hour periods which extend longer than 30 days.

(3) Montgomery Place has 11 unique 2-bedroom units that were converted through the combination of 22 one-bedroom units. Under an Entrance Fee Agreement, the entrance fee for these units range from $410,000 to $584,000, and the monthly service fees range from $7,000 to $8,000.

(4) Montgomery Place has 2 unique 3-bedroom unit that were created through the combination of two existing 2-bedroom units. Under an Entrance Fee Agreement, the entrance fee for these units list at $718,400 with a monthly fee of $8,141.


Effective through June 30, 2023
All prices subject to change
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