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Independent Living for Seniors near Chicago

Senior Independent Living Lifestyle

Create your own lifestyle. Take the lead in setting your own agenda for each day. Become part of a vivid mosaic, a dynamic place, varied and fascinating.

Residents orchestrate a brilliant array of their own activities and programs—from onsite classical music concerts, lectures and forums to several weekly trips to theaters, concert halls, shopping and museums.

Montgomery Place staff assist with the logistics—securing meeting spaces and resources, providing transportation—but the plans are all yours.

Your neighborhood, your community

Montgomery Place isn’t just somewhere to live—it’s where you belong. Residents create a cultural center of Chicago’s vibrant East Hyde Park neighborhood.

The League of Women Voters has met here for more than 25 years. And, we are a polling place for the neighborhood.  The East Hyde Park Committee and other groups use Montgomery Place for meetings.

Residents volunteer. They grow greens year-round on hydroponic towers for local food pantries.

Residents support education and the arts. They cultivate relationships with students at a variety of schools nearby.

Enjoy independent living at Montgomery Place in Hyde Park, Chicago
A variety of activities to enjoy at Montgomery Place Senior Living

The good life, defined by you

Living well means something different to each person. Maybe you’re always on-the-go, or perhaps you prefer to keep life low-key. At Montgomery Place, you can be yourself.

Choose from more than 30 activities, classes, interest groups and committees, all managed by fellow residents. It’s easy to craft the lifestyle you want.

Your home, your way

Hang your artwork. Bring your piano. And, always enjoy a view of Lake Michigan. Just as no two people are the same, no two apartments are alike.

With dozens of floor plans, you’re sure to find one that feels like home. All one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments feature full kitchens and in-unit washer/dryers.

Best of all, we encourage you to customize your new home!


Choose your floor plan and decorate your space your way at Montgomery Place Chicago.

From here, to there

Montgomery Place serves as the perfect home base. Big-city living on Chicago’s lakefront.

Quaint neighborhood shopping. Chicago’s great cultural institutions, delicious dining destinations and outdoor pursuits abound. All just beyond your front door.

Whatever your interests, live here for easy access to them all.

Enjoy the freedom to make every day a wonderful one when you make the move to an independent living community. After all, after decades of hard work, don’t you think it’s time you reaped the rewards of a fulfilling and joyful retirement?

As an independent senior living resident, you’ll be able to create a full and productive life you want, finally breaking free from everyday responsibilities like housekeeping and yard work. Instead of spending your time tackling home repairs and mowing the lawn, you can focus on exploring new hobbies, pursuing your passions, and doing whatever it is that you truly love.

What is Independent Living?

When you hear the phrase “independent living,” what do you think of? You might be surprised to learn that the term actually includes a wide range of senior housing options, which offer varying features and lifestyles. No matter what type of senior independent living community you’re considering, the one basic characteristic they all share is an age restriction for who can become a resident. Depending on the community, a residence may be limited only to those 55 and older, 65 and older, or anywhere in between.

In an independent living community, you can look forward to an excellent balance of convenience and freedom. There, you can leave routine tasks such as housekeeping, meal preparation, and home maintenance to a team of professionals, giving you more time to enjoy your family, friends, and interests. Residence options can include apartments, condominiums, townhomes, duplexes, and even freestanding villas, with an extensive selection of floorplans and square footages available.

Independent living communities can offer an exceptional quality of life for seniors, particularly because residents can often choose from a well-rounded assortment of activities and events. Fitness classes, group outings, special interest clubs, and chef-prepared meals in community dining spaces are just a few of the many ways that residents can seek out social, physical, spiritual, cognitive, and emotional fulfillment.

Benefits of Independent Living

The benefits of living in an independent living community are diverse, and one of the primary reasons that so many seniors are choosing to make the move. If you’re considering relocating to independent living, or have a senior loved one who is searching for the right community, here are just some of the many benefits to look forward to:

Maintain your independence while having your basic needs taken care of.

As we grow older, it can become challenging to manage the burdens of home repairs, yard work, cooking, and other chores. Even for seniors that are still physically able to tackle these tasks, spending their retirement years juggling these responsibilities sounds less than appealing. But when you are a resident at a senior independent living community, you can hand off those everyday jobs to a professional – and make the most of your newfound free time.

Enhanced safety and security

Unfortunately, seniors are at a greater risk of at-home injuries and accidents, crime, and even natural disasters. Whether you live alone or with a partner, it can be difficult to feel completely confident in your safety at home. However, the security and safety measures taken by most independent living communities can give you the peace of mind you need to finally breathe easy and get back to enjoying life.

Everyday opportunities for enrichment

Walking clubs, aerobics classes, art sessions, guest speakers, dinner with friends, and quiet moments in the garden – these are just some of the countless ways you can enhance your life in an independent living community. Making new friends and exploring new hobbies is easy, and every day is different. Enjoy a quiet day at home or stay busy with friends; in independent living, it’s entirely up to you.

Amenities and Services

The biggest difference between a typical neighborhood and an independent living community is the incredible wealth of amenities and services available at the latter. Imagine living in a community where your every need is met, liberating you to make the most of your hobbies, social time, and personal interests: that’s the independent living experience.

When Montgomery Place was founded, the vision was to create an unmatched independent living community that always put residents first. Because we firmly believe in the inherent value of a vibrant, joyful life enriched by a balanced mind, body, and spirit, our aim was to provide a wonderful backdrop to residents’ best years. Amenities and services offered at Montgomery Place are designed to make your life not only just simple and stress-free but also filled with memorable moments and experiences.

Our amenities and services include:

  • Fully-equipped apartments, including a washer and dryer and full kitchen in each
  • Maintenance-free living
  • Utilities included
  • Basic cable and internet
  • Window treatments (upon move-in)
  • Biweekly linen service
  • Regular window cleanings
  • 24-hour exercise room
  • Exercise classes, including water aerobics, Tai Chi, and video-led options
  • 24-hour swimming pool
  • Dining room and bistro
  • Community library, chapel, game room, and meeting rooms
  • Private gardens
  • Door-to-door transportation
  • Independent Living vs. Assisted Living

Deciding between independent and assisted living is a highly personal choice, one that should be based on your health, preferences, and other factors. Both living scenarios can provide an excellent quality of life for seniors, meeting their varying needs in varying ways.

Independent living is ideal for seniors who are able to maintain an independent lifestyle but are interested in the amenities and support a community can provide. In a typical senior independent living community, residents live in private homes and with minimal assistance. Services such as home maintenance, yard work, and meal preparation may be offered, simplifying daily life for residents. Community activities, clubs, and events are also a common feature, giving residents many opportunities for social, intellectual, physical, and emotional engagement.

Assisted living communities are a good fit for seniors who may experience significant challenges with everyday activities and routines. For example, a senior that struggles to prepare meals or coordinate transportation gets the support provided in an assisted living community. Residents still maintain a certain level of independence and reside in their own private spaces, but the staff is available to aid them with personal care routines, medical needs, and other tasks. As an independent living community, activities, and clubs are part of life. Art sessions, exercise classes, book clubs, and walking groups are just some of the ways in which assisted living residents can enrich their everyday lives.

Unlike assisted living, independent senior living communities typically don’t offer specialized assistance with medical needs. However, because transportation is often a feature of independent living, traveling to and from your health-related appointments is simple and stress-free.

Why Choose Montgomery Place?

When you’re searching for independent senior living communities in Chicago, Montgomery Place is an unparalleled option that stands out among the rest. Nestled in the beloved neighborhood of Hyde Park, Montgomery Place is home to a diverse and welcoming family of residents, with staff members that are passionate about providing an excellent quality of life for every individual. Every day is an opportunity to experience something new: fitness classes, fine dining, city adventures, and time with new friends.

Learn more about what makes Montgomery Place the premier independent senior living community in Chicago by contacting us to schedule your tour today.