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Top Hobby Classes For Seniors Near Chicago, IL

Hobby classes for seniors near Chicago

Retirement signals the end of one stage of life and the beginning of a new one. With more time for reflection, the saying "Age is just a number" gains new significance. This period provides a sense of freedom. However, some seniors may focus on the past instead of embracing the present. One valuable aspect of retirement is the chance to pursue new hobbies.

Regardless of whether you are always on the go or like to live life at a slower pace, at Montgomery Place: Senior Living Community in Chicago, IL, you can be yourself. Keep reading to find hobby classes available to check out.

Art Classes

Unlocking Hidden Talents! Often, due to the demands of career and family, many innate talents remain dormant or unexplored during our younger years. Retirement provides a golden opportunity for seniors to delve into these untapped reservoirs of potential. Whether it's sketching, writing poetry, or crafting, a hobby can unlock hidden talents, bringing immense personal satisfaction. Luckily for residents, there is an active art studio with classes at Montgomery Place.

Physical Fitness

Physical Fitness, such as yoga, is a great hobby for seniors who want to be active and fit while stretching their minds. Many low-impact physical fitness activities give people a great way to improve memory. As a result, gaining better muscle memory and more movement coordination. Water aerobics, for example, allows seniors to remain flexible, which can help fight against cancer or other diseases that cause stiffness in the body.

Montgomery Place has amenities such as a 24-Hour Fitness Center, with group exercise classes and a 24-Hour Heated Indoor Pool, with group water aerobics for residents.


Perfect for stress reduction and mental health. Engaging in activities one loves can be a therapeutic experience. Activities like knitting, gardening, or even bird watching can be meditative, helping to reduce stress and anxiety. In an era where mental health is crucial, hobbies act as a cushion, providing solace and mental relaxation. Having areas where your community is like Montegormay Place's private gardens, greenhouse, and conservatory with Wifi throughout the community and garden is important for keeping active.

Cooking Classes

Cooking is the perfect hobby for givers because they can put time and effort into something that others will enjoy. Who doesn't love the sizzle and scent of something delicious cooking on the stove? Combined with learning about nutrition and healthful eating, cooking can also come with a tremendous amount of health benefits. Poring over old cookbooks and perfecting your recipes can be a fulfilling hobby that is great for your mind and body. Joining a cooking class is useful so you can come back to your unit at Montgomery Place, which has a full chef's kitchen for those who enjoy cooking. Create a night trying out your newly learned dishes with your neighbors.

Reading and Writing

Many people have "writing a novel" on their bucket list, but writing for yourself can also be satisfying. Reading books, magazines, news articles, and blogs can bring enjoyment and stimulate your mind. Both reading and writing are beneficial for maintaining a healthy brain. The library at Montegomary Place is the perfect space to test out your reading knowledge, join a book club or discover new writing ideas.

Other Amenities for Hobbies Available At Montgomery Place in Chicago, IL

Other areas to pursue hobbies can be at Montgomery Place's chapel and meeting rooms for intellectual, cultural, and spiritual events and activities.

See What We Offer Retirees in Chicago!

Residents at Montgomery Place can participate in a variety of activities that promote social, physical, and spiritual well-being. There are over 30 clubs, classes, interest groups, and committees available, all run by residents. Older adults can live life on their own terms, at their own pace, and in their own homes at Montgomery Place.

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