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Life Care at Home for Seniors

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For many older adults, there’s literally no place like home. A recent AARP survey showed that 76% of Americans over age 50 want to stay in their current home. Even when moving to a senior living arrangement would offer numerous amenities, most seniors prefer to stay at home. If that’s how you feel, life care at home can be an attractive option.

What is Life Care at Home?

Life care at home means being able to stay in your current home while also receiving assistance with day-to-day tasks. This is also called aging in place. You go about your normal routine with the benefit of having someone around to take care of the things you can’t.

Some types of life care at home are temporary. For example, you may normally be able to cook, clean, and get around just fine. If unexpected surgery means you need to take things easy for a while, care helps you accomplish daily tasks without stress.

What are the Benefits of Home Care Services for Seniors?

Many seniors want to stay at home for the longest time possible. There are several advantages to aging in place:

1. Independence

Living at home gives you greater independence than many alternatives. You decide what to do and how. This includes decorating just the way you like and following your own schedule.

2. Familiar Places

Sometimes it’s not just your home that you love. You also enjoy being surrounded by friendly neighbors, charming oak trees, and nearby shops that you know well. There’s something to be said for being on a first-name basis with everyone.

3. Great Surroundings

You worked hard to pay for that dream patio that lets you see the sunrise every morning, so why give it up? Watching hummingbirds dart around a beautiful garden can have many benefits for your emotional and physical health.

The sights and smells of your family home aren’t easy to forget or replace. Life care at home can allow you to enjoy them for a long time.

What Does Life Care at Home Involve?

With modern home care services for seniors, you have a lot of flexibility for deciding what you want care providers to handle for you. Here are a few things life care at home can include:

  • Preparing meals and/or cooking

  • Reminding you to take medication

  • Helping you get dressed

  • Assisting you in moving around the house

  • Accompanying you to buy groceries

 Other services include assistance eating, grooming, using the bathroom, and bathing.

How Can Life Care at Home Help Caregivers?

It’s not uncommon for a married couple to have unique health needs. One partner may be completely capable of caring for themselves, while the other may have serious health challenges that require assistance. If you’re caring for a loved one, can you still take advantage of life care at home?

Services can be a source of relief to many caregivers who feel exhausted or overwhelmed. When you don’t have to worry about, you can spend more time with your partner or get the rest you need to take care of your health. Professional home care services for seniors can also assist with personal care such as bathing, always in a dignified manner. 

How Can You Choose the Best Care Option for Your Physical, Mental, and Emotional Health?

Like many things in life, aging in place isn’t always sunshine and roses. There are challenges you need to be prepared for:

  • Moving around

  • Getting out of the house

  • Keeping yourself busy

  • Avoiding loneliness

  • Staying safe and secure

  • Getting to and from appointments

Another thing to consider is the condition of your home. Remodeling a two-story home that causes you intense pain every time you go down the stairs may not be feasible. What then?

Whether these issues are a problem often depends on your specific circumstances. For example, if family members live far away, you may feel happier overall with the companionship and community offered by independent living.


What About Independent Living? 

Independent living combines the independence of living from home with benefits and amenities designed specifically to make your life simple and stress-free. Residents reside in their own private spaces, but can leave tasks like housekeeping, meals, and home maintenance to professionals while also enjoying a variety of amenities and activities. It’s lavish, sophisticated, and satisfying.

At Montgomery Place in Chicago, we believe in uplifting both the heart and mind with our academic amenities near the University of Chicago. Exercise your independence with an extensive research library, art workshop, greenhouse, and other phenomenal ways to keep your mental focus sharp.

To learn more about our life care at home services and luxury assisted living, contact our friendly experts right away.

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