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What is an Active Senior Living Community?

active senior living community

An active senior living community provides a wonderful place for seniors to live, relax, and have a stress-free lifestyle. The community offers a maintenance-free lifestyle for seniors from age 65 and above.

Montgomery Place at Hyde Park welcomes everyone interested in a comfortable and fulfilling place to call home. Active senior living communities are a type of retirement community designed for seniors who are active, healthy, and still able to live independently.

Active senior living communities allow seniors to enjoy an active, independent lifestyle with others who share the same interest. The communities provide private accommodation, which includes:

  • Condominium

  • Townhouse

  • Apartment

Each of these comes with a small, fully serviced kitchenette and living and dining space for entertainment purposes if they choose to. 

All of the amenities in active living communities are designed with seniors in mind, and they are similar to those you would find in any small home or townhouse.

Montgomery Place at Hyde Park has all these features, including moving options and more, to help you transition. We understand that choosing a senior care community is an important decision. Before starting the process, you should know what an active senior living community offers.

Benefits of Active Senior Living Communities

The homes provide an opportunity for residents to enjoy life. Before deciding where you should live, here are some of the benefits provided by active senior living communities:

  • They don’t require much maintenance. Residents don’t have to deal with lawn mowing, painting, snow blowing, or other home care activities.

  • Residents are always near their peers who share the same interest. The neighborhood is always quiet and friendly for everyone.

  • Residents get the right size of living space. You don’t have to worry about cleaning or managing different rooms in your home.

  • Residents get access to all types of amenities. If you enjoy sports, keeping fit, or any other extracurricular activities, the communities have them at your disposal.

  • One of the biggest worries of seniors and their loved ones is whether they will be safe. In an active senior living community, safety and security are top priorities. Montgomery Place has a support team ready to help and provide peace of mind to both the seniors and their loved ones.

How to Choose an Active Senior Living Community

Even though there are several active senior living communities, seniors should focus on their comfort and what they want before selecting a home.

Some of the things to focus on include:

  • Focus on the right location. If you want to live in a neighborhood packed with adventure or stay near your children and grandchildren, the choice is yours..

  • Choose a place you can afford to pay for. Review all the fees and monthly rents before finally making a decision.

  • Check the transportation options available. If you don’t plan to drive around, Montgomery Place provides alternative transportation to meet your needs.

  • Review the financial status to see whether it is sound.

What if You Need Help?

Most seniors worry that they could lose their independence after transitioning from their homes to senior living. Another common fear is that since they will be away from their loved ones, they won’t get help or transportation services in case of emergencies.

While this is understandable, it isn’t true. Active senior living ensures that residents have access to support, medical emergencies, and continued care when they need it. At Montgomery Place at Hyde Park, we ensure that residents have access to top amenities.

Why Choose Montgomery Place at Hyde Park

We understand the idea of moving to a senior living community can seem overwhelming. However, at Montgomery Place in Hyde Park, Chicago, we've created a welcoming and comfortable haven for residents. Montgomery Place is in the heart of Hyde Park and is among the best active communities you will find in Chicago. We offer a conducive environment for residents to enjoy. 

We provide residents with multiple opportunities for enrichment and social interaction to encourage a productive lifestyle.

Contact us today or reach us at 773-753-4100 for virtual tours if you are 65 and above and would like a great place to live. Since we are located at Hyde Park near the University of Chicago and the medical center, residents have access to world-class health. Don’t hesitate to reach out.

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