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What is Life Care at Home Services?

what is life care at home services for seniors

As you enter your retirement years, you may start to worry about what would happen if you were to get sick and need specialized care. Being admitted to a nursing home or long-term care community can be a distressing experience, especially if it separates you from loved ones. A good alternative is to find life care at home services. The Montgomery Place Retirement Community offers this type of service, so you can easily transition to more extensive medical care should you ever need it.

What Is Life Care?

As people age, their medical needs change. When people first retire, they may be healthy individuals capable of living independently, but an unexpected diagnosis could quickly require extensive medical care. Life Care at home is a medical service that aims to provide different levels of care as they are needed. While you may need minimal assistance when you first move into a Montgomery Place community, you may soon benefit from minor assistance such as cooking, dining, and medication management services. Eventually, you may need therapy or daily medical care, which can be provided from the comfort of your home with our life care services.

What Are the Costs of Life Care?

The costs for life care vary depending upon the community you choose. The following three contracts are typically available for you to choose from.


Type A

This type of contract usually requires residents to pay an entrance fee covering the cost of housing, amenities, and service. Although the initial price is often steep, you will have stable monthly payments through the duration of your stay regardless of how much medical care you need in the future. Because the medical care provided often costs less through life care services than it does in the open market, this type of contract is beneficial for people who have good reason to believe they will have significant medical expenses in the future.

Type B

This type of contract features lower monthly payments and entrance fees, but it often restricts the provided services. You may still be covered to receive therapy at home, but you may have to receive other treatments at another location. This contract is ideal for people who have little reason they will contract severe conditions later in life.

Type C

Rather than charging a steep entrance fee covering the cost of housing and services, this type of contract allows you to make monthly payments for these expenses. However, medical care is not included in these expenses. If you ever need extensive medical care, you will be responsible for paying the market cost, but high-quality care is guaranteed. This type of contract is beneficial for people who never need extensive care, but the market costs of care may quickly exceed the upfront cost that comes with an entrance fee.

What Are the Benefits of Life Care?

Life Care at home services considers that all retirees have different needs that change over time. Treatment is entirely customized to fit your needs. While you are active and independent, care is limited to helpful services that allow you to make the most of retirement instead of spending a lot of time cooking, cleaning, and folding laundry. When your needs change, and you need more medical care, our certified staff members will provide it without making you leave the comfort of your home.

The most significant benefit of life care at home is that you do not have to be separated from your spouse. If you need extensive medical attention, but your spouse does not, you may qualify for a long-term care community or nursing home, but your spouse will only be allowed to visit. Life Care services at home ensure that you both have access to the care you need without having to be separated. This can be especially beneficial if you are dealing with a condition such as dementia or Alzheimer’s and need to have a support system close by.

The final benefit of life care at home is stability. If you don’t have life care at home, you may have to travel long distances for treatment or even move to a different community to find the care you need. This can be stressful and inconvenient because it disrupts your daily routine. Getting the care you need from the comfort of your home allows you to form a strong bond with your caretakers without changing your routine.

Embark on your Next Chapter of Vibrant Living at Montgomery Place

Located in the center of the scenic neighborhood of Hyde Park in Chicago, IL, Montgomery Place is a retirement community dedicated to helping seniors make the most of their later years. In addition to assisted and independent living options, we also offer life care at home, so you can be confident you will receive exceptional medical care as you age without having to move to a different community. If you are interested in learning more about our life care services to determine if this is the right solution for you, contact us today.

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