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What is the Quality of Life in an Independent Living Community?

quality of life in senior independent living facility or community

As we age, our life’s focus shifts from raising children to chasing and choosing career paths to create an ideal quality of life of comfort after years of endless commitments and responsibilities. An independent living community provides the perfect environment – tranquil but dynamic.

Initially, the choice of moving into an independent living community was mainly due to a need such as a health crisis. However, this trend is changing, and lately, more active adults aged 65 and above are deliberately opting to stay in a community that guarantees their well-being. The community setting allows the residents to take advantage of the amenities available in a center and services offered, including medical care.

Life at Montgomery Place is calm with an urban setting that lifts your mind and captivates your heart. The independent living community has activities guaranteed to meet the resident’s preferences. Montgomery Place has earned itself a reputation as the cultural center of East Hyde Park in Downtown Chicago because of the residents’ ability to organize their activities.


Quality of Life in an Independent Living Community

Quality of life (QOL) is the state of how a resident in an independent living community integrates with the staff and other residents while functioning and existing in a controlled environment.

Life in an independent living community is not marshal. Apart from scheduled meal times and activities, you can control what you do with your time as a resident. However, all independent living provides 24-hour supervision–providing help when needed.

The Journal of the American Medical Directors Association (JAMDA) conducted a survey that examined the quality of life in most independent living communities. JAMDA concluded that 11 domains determine the quality of life for the residents in these communities. They include:

  • Dignity

  • Privacy

  • Spiritual well-being

  • Meaningful activities

  • Physical comfort

  • Functional completeness

  • Food enjoyment

  • Individuality

  • Security

  • Relationships

  • Autonomy –  the ability to make willful decisions

Suppose a living community lacks any of the 11 characteristics, JAMDA lays out suggestions to improve the center’s quality of life. For instance, the quality of life can be enhanced by encouraging social participation, creating a social environment, and involving the resident’s family members.


What Is Independent Living for Seniors?

Senior living is ideal for those above 65 years. The community’s setting provides several benefits, such as peace of mind, a maintenance-free life, and even greater and more frequent social interactions.

Below are some of the benefits of being in an independent living community.


1. All-inclusive Rent

While residing independently, all bills – rent, cable, utilities, water, and electricity – are rolled into monthly payments. The setting makes it easy to track and keep a record of your finances.

The overall cost of living in a community is financially beneficial as independent living helps you minimize your spending.


2. A Balanced and Proper Nutrition

For aging people, good nutrition is their most significant source of energy. Unfortunately, older adults often have to worry about the proper nutrients in the food served and its quality. While in an independent living community, the institution is well-equipped with ingredients, skills, and expertise to provide a balanced diet.

If cooking isn’t an option, the residents in the community can add meal services to their daily requirements. Montgomery Place is staffed with top executives and qualified chefs who prepare fresh meals using quality ingredients to meet the resident’s dietary needs.


3. A Maintenance-Free Life

The freedom of independent living is staying away from chores associated with owning a home. For example, you are no longer responsible for mowing the lawn or preparing a faulty electrical cable. Other perks include:

  • Around-the-clock maintenance team

  • No costly maintenance bill

  • The exterior and interior of the community are well-maintained regularly.


4. A Private But Community-like Living Setting

Being in an independent living community allows you to balance your social life by being part of an active senior living community while enjoying your own private space.

Depending on your schedule, you can join other residents during meal times or while participating in other activities around the community.


5. Social Interactions

Each stage of life has its share of challenges. Unfortunately, the more we age, the more challenging it becomes to make friends, tending to make most older adults isolated and lonely.

One of the biggest perks of living in an independent living community is that it allows you to socialize with people in a similar stage of life.


Why You Should Choose Us

At Montgomery Place, we are committed to enhancing the quality of life for the residents. We are inspired by our values of engagement, dignity, and integrity. Our vibrant Chicago senior community offers different lifestyle plans to suit your needs. Contact us to schedule an appointment to live in a safe space.

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