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What is the Role of a Senior Care Assistant?

what is a senior care assistant or associate

Providing care to other people is one of the noblest things anyone can do. Seniors often need round-the-clock care to go about their daily lives. This is where a senior care assistant comes into the picture.

This article provides a comprehensive overview of what a senior care assistant does and what it takes to become one. It also offers insights into the care of friendly senior care assistants at Montgomery Place in Hyde Park.

What is a Senior Care Assistant?

A senior care assistant is a professional caregiver who specializes in caring for people in all aspects of daily living. The caregiver must meet certain qualifications and is expected to play many varying roles and responsibilities, as discussed below.

What Does a Senior Care Assistant Do?

Seniors can sometimes require help with their daily tasks. A senior care assistant’s role and responsibilities can be many and tend to vary depending on the senior’s needs.

Their duties usually include:

  • Grooming tasks, such as bathing and dressing

  • Grocery shopping

  • Doing laundry, washing dishes, and doing other everyday chores

  • Cooking and feeding

  • Taking medicine

  • Help with exercising and physical therapy

  • Observing and reporting to the senior’s doctors and other caregivers

A senior care assistant also serves as a companion to the seniors under their care – this is important because social interaction helps seniors overcome feelings of loneliness. Some care assistants are also tasked with providing specialized care for seniors with certain medical needs.

What Qualities Do You Need to Become a Senior Care Assistant?

Caring for seniors is a sensitive job that may demand a lot of time and work. Ideally, senior care assistants should meet the following qualifications to keep up with the job’s demands:


Seniors usually have various healthcare and medical needs. As mentioned earlier, senior care assistants may be tasked with ensuring that seniors under their care take their prescription medications on time. As such, a background in health education is required – most care assistants have at least an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN).


Caring for seniors isn’t just another ordinary occupation – it involves caring for vulnerable people to improve their quality of life. The willingness to do so is usually driven by virtues such as compassion and empathy.

Communication Skills

Communication is essential in every social setting, especially between seniors and senior care workers. Communication skills are critical when dealing with seniors who are hard of hearing.

Emotional Strength

Empathy is one of the values required to become a senior care assistant. Caregivers often develop emotional attachments to the seniors under their care. Understandably, they may experience profound emotional and mental pain if something terrible happens to them. It is advisable to master emotional strength and learn how to balance work and personal ties.

These are only some of the core qualities for becoming a senior care assistant. Other requirements include possessing essential skills such as cooking, cleaning, and driving. Last but not least, the caregiver should be dependable and flexible enough to accommodate the long working hours.

What Experience is Required to Become a Senior Care Assistant?

At the very least, a senior care assistant needs experience working in a healthcare community. This can be any type of healthcare community and working at any capacity – most senior care assistants start as nurse associates. Having worked at an assisted living community is also an added advantage.

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