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Who Is Senior Living Right For? Types of Residents in Independent Living Facilities

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An independent living facility allows retirees to share life and create a community in a friendly and peaceful environment. Moving into an independent living community is an excellent way for physically independent seniors to trade living alone and chores for a healthy, stress-free lifestyle.

Have you been wondering about independent living communities, who should live in this type of community, and what it is like to live in this environment? Montgomery Place is one of Chicago’s best independent living communities and offers a vibrant urban lifestyle that engages the heart and enriches the mind’ by upholding the following values:

  • Integrity

  • Dignity

  • Engagement

  • Caring

  • Quality

What Is Independent Living?

Montgomery Place Retirement Community is a residential independent living community mainly for older adults who can live without the aid of personal or medical staff. Independent living allows the resident to maintain complete independence while benefiting from the social and recreational provided by the community.

There is a difference between independent living communities and assisted living facilities. The main difference is that independent living is primarily for younger retirees who seek housing for socialization purposes. Assisted living is for seniors who need long-term care in their daily activities such as cleaning, taking medication, etc.

Is Independent Living Right for You?

As your age advances, you might think of getting into a living community for retirees. However, losing independence might not sit well with you. An independent living location allows you to enjoy the convenience of a vibrant, active community and retain your freedom.

Anyone aged 62 or more who requires no assistance with their daily activities is an excellent candidate for a senior living community.

Independent living provides social and recreational amenities for the following types of groups:

1. Working Seniors

An independent living community is a splendid choice for any senior working full-time or part-time to plan ahead of retirement. Your new home will give you a platform to interact and form bonds with other seniors as you prepare to transition from working to retirement.

Some independent living communities are Continuing Care Retirement Communities that accept working seniors and see them through the office-retirement transition without the need to change locations.

2. Younger Retirees

Younger retirees might not welcome the idea of a senior living community for fear of losing their independence. An independent living community nullifies the myth that you lose your freedom once you move into a retirement community. Instead, you get to enjoy life as usual in an independent living community through the following offered features:

  • Bringing your pets

  • A private apartment that you can redesign and decorate according to your preferences

  • Privacy by choosing shared or private apartment

  • Having free time

  • Being in charge of everything except the household chores

3. Seniors Looking for New Friends

Independent living communities offer a variety of social and recreational activities where you interact with other residents within the community. You can still explore your hobbies and associate with residents with similar interests.

There is no chance of getting bored since you have access to many resources, and peers, family members, and friends are allowed to visit you. The community staff is always available to help you in case of anything.

Benefits of an Independent Living Community

The benefits of independent living communities are diverse, and here are some that might encourage you to make a move:

  • Maintaining your freedom as someone else takes care of the daily chores.

  • Enhanced safety and security from crime, at-home injuries and accidents, and even natural disasters

  • Access to high-quality care, services, and amenities in the same location

  • Opportunity to new experiences and daily enrichment

  • Chance to make and interact with new friends in the same age group

Why Choose Montgomery Place at Hyde Park

Montgomery Place is one of Chicago’s best independent living communities that offers an exceptional quality of life for seniors through the following benefits and amenities:

  • A well-rounded assortment of activities and events

  • Various residence options to choose from, including apartments, condominiums, townhouses, duplexes, and freestanding villas

  • Fitness classes

  • Group outings

  • Special interest clubs

  • Chef-prepared meals in community dining spaces

We offer a reputable independent living community for physically capable seniors. Our location is nestled in Hyde Park, Chicago, near all the urban amenities you might need.

We also offer other community living options, including skilled nursing care and assisted living communities. Contact us today for suitable senior living for you or your loved one.

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